Care And Creativity Shopping Center

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In the former abbatoirs of the White Meatcity in Southern Harbour, a wide selection of shops serve the creative segments of the population of Copenhagen.



1 Birth Shop: Places for quick births, delivery at the street. Also delivery to go.

2 Re-Shop: The Re Design shop from CZE. 100% recyclable material, or more. 95% recycled ideas.

3 Manuscript Shop: 24/7 Novel and Filmscripting. We write your story. Film manuscript and screenplays. Help offered to finish your own scripts and poetry in virtually no time at all (or less).

4 Revolution Shop: Change society! Change your own life! Or change the life of Others! Neo-Futurist Manifesto. Radiant Manifesto. Marximise your life - Leninise your self. Radiant living classes! Begin ! Now! ! !

5 Money Shop: Buy Money. Relativise your money - get Relative Rate. Sell Money. New and Old Money. Change and restore money. (Cellar shop for African Yuan).

6 Creative Self Shop: Recreate your self! Be someone else for a day, or a whole life - imagine what you can’t possibly imagine. How? Come and reveal the secrete in yourself! As a Mushroom Self - DNA constructions and RNA Reconstructions. Virtual prospects of your past and your future. Also Mushroom Pets.

7 Cure shop: Getting and curing diseases. Altzheimers, cancer, all Sure Cures and Pig Transplants. Including the nanoschool for cells and DNA.

8 Free Shop: Why pay when you can have it for free? Free Ideas. Free Dom. Everything of importance is free. We help you getting things... for free. Poetry for free. Including Sonnets For Nothing by Pål Yrik Døgner.

9 Help Shop: Learn to help others. It is difficult but maybe you have the potential!

10 Career & Theory Bar: Drink, get drunk and support your own career. Theme bars. Monday: Theory Of Everything. Tuesday: Theory Of Nothing. Every Wednesday: Drinking with Garrett Lisi. Friday: Playing Table Soccer and discussion - by Chan Du Chips. Weekends: Non Bars in Theory Of Timerelocation.

11 Love Shop: Love Manager provides help in every aspects of love. Small scale measures and total plans. Good planning is much better than luck and coincidences. Cooperation with Bureau Of Missing People.

12 Spiritual Mall: Buy whatever you want. The more you buy, the merrier you become. And you have time to speculate about time and being while buying. Food, tools, clothes, holy figures, Andersens, kitchenware, Brute Brussel Sprouts, tender buttons, cars, visualising technics, lamps, cushions.... scientifically proven to ne more effective than meditation!

13 Wellness and Recreativity Shop: Wellness through pain and suffering. Before you know pain and suffering, you don’t know wellfare and wellbeing. Extreme Sport (for the weak). Real pain Real Torture, Real Humiliation for the one who wants real Wellbeing. Slogan: Inhaling human suffering - exhaling wellbeing. Venereal Monsters cure.

14 God Shop: God Helmets. God Bands. God Rings. God Gloves. God Jackets. And also The God Thimble.